Your data as a service

Delivered into client applications and workflows.

No emails. No files. No code. No hassle.

A powerful data sharing and workflow platform

Connect remote applications and services seamlessly, eliminating inefficient email and file sharing.


Live data sharing

Deliver your data on-demand or in real-time to existing desktop applications like Excel, or to mobile devices, with unified controls and tracking.


Workflow apps and bots

Create 'no code' custom pages, apps and chat bots around your data service to dramatically improve workflow information and efficiency.



APIs and add-ins offer clients automated access to your data for read-only or for contribution. Configure rules for automated client alerts and notifications across multiple channels.


Fast time to market

No code approach means we can help you build and deploy integrated custom solutions fast using our off-the-shelf add-ins, connectors, custom workflow builders and configurable chat bots.


Controlled & audited

Enterprise access controls, permissioning and audit available on data, user, application and even down to cell level. Live tracking and historical analysis of access and usage data.


Secure cloud or on premise

Created in the cloud and built for enterprise. Deploy on-premise or in your own cloud environment, or benefit from our dedicated managed services or shared cloud services.

Real-time Control and Audit

Faster Information, Better Oversight

Efficient, Automated Workflow


ipushpull works with some amazing partners...

Industry Awards

ipushpull has been selected from 50 global teams for the CFETS Interbank Innovation award in China.

Symphony Innovation award in recognition of the best cutting edge solution in financial services.

As part of InvestOps Europe 2019 by TradeTech, ipushpull was named winner of the 'Dragon's Den' awards.

Benzinga Global Fintech Awards are an annual showcase of the greatest advents in fintech from leaders in finance & technology.

ipushpull named in the Top “100 Most Influential FinTech Companies of 2019” by The Financial Technologist.

The FIA Innovators award was presented to ipushpull for some of the most progressive and forward- thinking work in Fintech.

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